Costa Rica Deredia SHB , Med Roast Coffee

Lake Gaston Coffee Company


Cupping Notes:  Notes of dark cherry, light citrus, and caramel - roasted medium.

This wonderful coffee from Costa Rica is one of our medium roast. Its natural sweetness and pleasant aftertaste will keep you coming back for more. This fresh roasted coffee is not only great as a single origin coffee, but is a key component in several of our special blends.


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This coffee is classified as SHB, EP.

SHB (Strictly Hard Bean) specifies that the coffee was grown at an altitude above 1200 meters. This term is also synonymous with SHG/Strictly High Grown. Coffee grown at high altitudes, which allows the bean to develop slower, results in a denser, high quality bean.

EP (European Preparation) specifies that the raw beans are all hand sorted to remove any defective beans and foreign material.


The weather conditions for the Deredia coffee in Heredia make it easy to produce high quality Arabica strictly hard beans. Summer and winter seasons are well defined and there is a good distribution of rain during the winter season. The volcanic soil has a high content of organic material. The cherries from the Deredia brand are depulped and then naturally fermented for about six hours, using clean water. The coffee is milled at Beneficio Libertad, which received recognition for proper environmental and health conditions. This coffee is grown by Cooperativa de Caficultores de Heredia which was founded in 1961 and is now home to 1,100 producers.



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